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GST for Beginners – Learn GST Step by Step with the Best Online Course

When the entire country was under lockdown, businesses still continued. A business can’t run without proper management of taxes. Even in the lockdown, the professionals were handling the GST compliance. Good thing is that they could do it while sitting at home. This made taxation the best profile to work in. Yes, even in the worst of times you will have to work. In this article, you will learn how beginners can make their career in Goods and Services Tax (GST) and how an online GST course helps you to learn GST step by step with practical approaches. These days you can find various career opportunities in the field of GST. Let’s learn how beginners can grow their careers with an online training course that gives you all things necessary for starting or managing a company in India with its implementation. 

Who are ideal for making a career in GST

It’s a new tax and needs hard-working and smart people to handle it. Yes, you need to be consistent and adaptable. Passion to learn those sections and keep yourself updated with the new changes. This is one of the most dynamic fields. Every business needs a person who can handle their taxes. Only a learned and efficient person can do justice with that profile.

What are the career options in GST?

The youngest tax law of India provides numerous opportunities for its aspirants. Majorly we can divide it into three parts.

  • Compliance Work – This profile covers the day-to-day routine compliances. GST law has made strict provisions for compliances. The breach of these provisions can result in huge losses for the business. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a business can’t survive the losses due to wrong or non-compliances. It may run into lacs and crores depending on the volume and size of the business and the nature of defaults
  • Corporate consulting – Large corporations try to be on the safe side. They consult experts before entering into a situation. This profile needs a well-versed professional to handle real-life practical situations. Apart from theory, practical knowledge and analytical skills are also important in this case.
  • Litigation- This is the final destination of all disputes. But to appear in litigation you need specific qualifications. Only a qualified CA or advocate can handle the matters up to the tribunal level. The litigation in the high court and Supreme court is again restricted to the advocates only. Thus you will need a degree of law to appear in High courts and Supreme courts. But yes most of the cases meet their final fate up to the tribunal level.

What is GST for beginners?

The taxes should form part of our academic education at an early stage. Even graduates don’t have the practical knowledge to handle the basic compliance work. Beginners in GST should start with the knowledge of all important sections and their practical use. A demo from the portal for practical filings shall also be included in their training. This will help them to start at the compliance level. Then they can grow with advanced training. But yes, the basics are the most important. They are the foundation for an entire career in this field.

Benefits of GST Certification Course for Beginners by ConsultEase

This GST certification course for beginners contains sections wise discussion. The rules prescribed by CBIC are also covered. This will lay a foundation with basic concepts. The practical demo from the GSTN portal itself helps in getting the routine work done. The course lays emphasis on practical case laws and day-to-day situations faced by the taxpayers. When you are working in the field you can’t expect to get all the answers from the book. Thus a practical background is also important.

gst course beginners

The following are the benefits of the GST Certification Course;

  • An individual can command a salary hike of 15% to 25%. 
  • It makes an individual industry ready and enhances the number of job opportunities.
  • It provides confidence to the individuals and they can even start their own consultancy.
  • It helps entrepreneurs in filing their own returns and also makes them more compliant.
  • It helps to develop the taxation skills of finance and accounting professionals.

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Why This Is One of the Best Certificate Courses in Goods and Services Tax (Gst) for Beginners in India

The beginner’s course by ConsultEase is one of the best courses in this field. Once you complete this course you can opt for an advanced course. The course has the following special features helpful for beginners.

  • Every section of the CGST Act is covered in this beginner’s course in GST. The revision and summary of sections are given in every chapter. It will help in learning the sections.
  • The procedure is explained in Rules. With every section, relevant rules prescribed by the government are also discussed.
  • The interpretation of sections is also discussed at length. Also, the mechanism to interpret the law and its practical use is also explained.
  • The relevant notifications are covered as and when required.
  • Important definitions are also discussed in this course. The terms play an important role in understanding the law. 

Topics Covered  in This Beginners Gst Training and Certification Course

The course covers the following topics.

  • Meaning of GST. (This topic will cover the basic understanding of GST
  • Constitutional background of GST
  • How does the GST work?
  • Important terms you should know.
  • Overview of entire GST Act
  • Meaning of Levy and Supply.
  • Time, Place, and Value of Supply in GST.
  • Provisions related to registration in GST
  • Input Tax credit in GST
  • GST returns

What You’ll Learn?

You will learn the following;

  • All the various types of returns. Their importance, time limits, frequency, and procedure for filing them, through utilities, and through software.
  • Method of filing annual returns and audit reports (9C) along with their demos.
  • Matching concept for the invoices issued.
  • Conditions for adjusting ITC from output tax.
  • Method of making debit/credit notes and their treatment in returns.
  • Different types of reconciliations are done in the GST.
  • Treatment of Advances and their adjustments.
  • Various types of output supplies.

How Will You Learn?

You will learn through pre-recorded video lectures. This will give you the flexibility of watching them any number of times from the comfort of your home.

What Does This Course Include?

This course includes presentations with different case laws, relevant sections, rules, and notifications. They are uploaded along with the videos. You can access and download them at any time. After completion of this GST course for beginners, an industry-recognized certificate will be provided, which will add value to your resume.

What Are the Course Duration and Fees?

The course consists of 12+ hours of high-quality digital videos. There is no boundation of the number of views. The course is available at a 50% discounted price of Rs 1500.

Course Instructor

The course is presented by CA Shafaly Girdherwal. She is a GST consultant, Author, Trainer, and a famous Youtuber. She has presided over many seminars on various topics of GST. She is a Partner at Ashu Dalmia & Associates and heads the Indirect Tax department. She has also authored a book on GST published by Taxmann.

How and Where Can You Buy This Course?

You can buy this course from their website by visiting this link

How Will You Get Access to This Course?

You can make the payment electronically and get instant access to the course through a user-friendly digital dashboard.


This course will boost your self-confidence and make you self-dependent. It will provide you with an important arrow in your quiver in your search for employment. It will enhance your decision-making capability and impart specialized skills and updated knowledge. It will upgrade your problem-solving attributes and make you more employable.

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