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DOCUMENTS Make sure to have all COPIES OF FOLLOWINGS DOCUMENTS & CHECK EVERYTHING in ONE GO to decide the SCOPE OF WORK Balance sheet, Profit Loss A/c, Capital A/c, Fixed Asset Ledgers, Indirect Incomes ledgers, If Partner in any Firm then Partner’s Capital A/c 26AS

GST on Rent Compensation – Residential Property

Notification No 05/2022 dated July 13, 2022, applicable from July 18, 2022 I have been curiously and incisively watching and analysing, threadbare, the insightful discussions pertaining to the applicability of GST on Rental Compensation payable by a Registered Person who is a Service Recipient from

अनाज एवं खाद्य सामग्री पर जीएसटी पर ताजा कर का वववेचन

CBIC द्वारा जारी 17 जुलाई 2022 को जारी FAQs जीएसटी कौंससल की 47वीीं मीटटगीं में जब यह तय ककया गया कक पैक्ड अनाज एवीं कुछ प्रकार की खाध्य सामग्री पर कर की एक नयी व्यवस्था लागु कर इन्हें जीएसटी कर के दायरे में लाया जाएगा

342nd Issue: 20th March 2022- 26th March 2022

The Government of India has introduced the tax implications for cryptocurrency for the first time in the Union Budget 2022, while the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States (US) first addressed cryptocurrencies in 2014. Let us see the differences in the income tax


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