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Litigation Management under GST Season #2

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About Course

GST 2.0 belongs to the reply to notices and handling litigation of nuances of GST. Earlier we were just doing the compliances but now it is not enough. Many recent cases are changing GST very fast. One cant continue doing practice ignoring these changes.

We have compiled this litigation course. We have tried to bring besties of our profession doing wonder in practical litigation work to training you. Their guidance will handhold you in all the difficult times. The topics are custom made to cater to the requirement. We have started from the constitution itself and then drill downed to the allied laws and legal precedents.

This is a must for a boost in your career. We wish you a happy learning.

Schedule for the live webinar sessions:

Session 1: 4th March 2020 (5 pm onwards)

Session 2: 6th March 2020 (5 pm onwards)

Session 3: 9th March 2020 (3 pm onwards)

Session 4: 17th March 2020 (5 pm onwards)

Session 5: 20th March 2020 (5:30 pm onwards)

Session 6: 21st March 2020 (5 pm onwards)

Course Content/Schedule

Profile photo of Adv. Vinay Shraff

Basic Concepts Essential for Litigation

Expert - Adv. Vinay Shraff
01 hour 46 min 04 sec
Profile photo of Ashu Dalmia

Appeal-able Orders under GST

Expert - Ashu Dalmia
01 hour 33 min 41 sec
Profile photo of Avinash Poddar

Important provisions of GST related Offences, Appeal, Prosecution, Arrest, and Bail.

Expert - Avinash Poddar
01 hour 47 min 14 sec
Profile photo of CA Gaurav Gupta

Notices in GST

Expert - CA Gaurav Gupta
01 hour 28 min 37 sec
Profile photo of Avinash Poddar

Tools of interpretations and their usages in tax laws

Expert - Avinash Poddar

Profile photo of Pawan Arora

Recent Writ Petitions on different Litigative issues under GST

Expert - Pawan Arora
01 hour 36 min 36 sec
Profile photo of Advocate Pradeep Kumar

Reply to the Notices in GST

Expert - Advocate Pradeep Kumar
01 hour 31 min 32 sec

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