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Important amendments in GST via 15/2021 in refund, registration and forms


CBIC has issued a notification no. 15/2021. It amended the provisions related to refund, registration, and forms in GST. Let us have a look at those provisions. You can also download the PPT attached to the post.Following is a small list of main amendments in CGST Rules.

Sl. No. Rule  Impact
1. Rule 23 Extended period by AC/JC/C is also mentioned in rule for filing revocation of cancellation.
2.  Rule 90(3) Time period from RFD 01 to the Deficiency memo shall be excluded for calculating 2 years of limitation.
3. Rule 90(4) Option to withdraw a refund application via Form GST RFD -01 W
4. Rule 92(1) Order under part A of RFD 07 not required under the proviso.
5. Rule 92(2) Part A shall be substituted in place of Part B and Order in Part b when refund is no more required to be withheld (Proviso inserted)
6. Rule 96(6) Word part A to be substituted in place of the words part B
7. Rule 96(7) Passing an order in Part b of form 7


8. Form Reg 21 Extension of date for revocation by AC/DC/C is mentioned in form
9. Rule 138(E) Outward movements of a defaulting supplier are covered
10. New Form RFD 07 Amended form is prescribed 
11.  New Form RFD 01-W New form is prescribed for withdrawal of refunds


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Rule 23- Revocation of registration cancellation

amendments in GST via 15/2021

In this rule time extended by the JC/AC/C is also included to apply for revocation of registration. When a registration is cancelled in GST, the TP has the right to apply for the revocation of cancellation. The time limit can be extended under section 30 of CGST Act.

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Rule 90(3) of CGST Rules- Limitaion period of refund

Period between RFD 01 and issuance of deficiency memo will not be counted for the limitation period of 2 years.

amendments in GST via 15/2021

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See the highlited proviso to see the exact text of amendment.

Rule 90(4) – WIthdrawal of refund

A new form is introduced for withdrawal of refund. The form is named as RFD-01W. Also on withdrawal of refund the amoun debited from the ledger will be recredited to the ledger.

amendments in GST via 15/2021

Rule 92- Order in new form RFD 07

amendments in GST via 15/2021

The old proviso is removed and form RFD 07 is amended. Relevant changes are also made the rules.

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Rule 138E- E way bill

Now only outward movements by a defaulting person will be restricted for E way bill. Earlier he was not eligible to make E way bill even for the inward movements. Now the rule is amended to include the outward movement only. In this rule there is a restriction on Eway bill if the TP defaults in the filing of returns. This applies to both normal taxpayer and composition taxpayer.

amendments in GST via 15/2021

Changes in form REG 21, RFD 07, and new form RFD 01W introduced.

Important amendments in GST via 15/2021 in refund, registration and forms

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