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Bank audit from GST angle

Bank Audit from GST Angle: In this article we have discussed bank audit from GST angle.Bank auditing is the procedure of reviewing the services and procedures adopted by banks and other financial institutions. It is a routine procedure that all financial services entities must undergo in order to

Advance Authorization Schemes under GST

Advance Authorization Schemes  under GST The vision behind the Foreign Trade Policy continues to be focused on making India a significant participant in world trade and on enabling the country to assume a position of leadership in international trade. The Policy is issued once in

Sweet poem on GST in Hindi

“आये थे तुम यूँ एक रोज मेहमान बनके ,                       क्या थी खबर   ,की  हम सब ही हो जायेंगे आपके “ याद  है  हमें  आज भी 1 जुलाई 2017  की  वो पेहली  सुबह ,जब दी थी दस्तक