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Top 10 GST Courses in India

GST or Goods and services tax is a value-added tax levied on domestically sold goods. It is paid by consumers then after businessmen remit it to the government. In July 2017 GST was launched in India to eliminate tax on tax, from manufacturing level to

Revised tax invoice in GST

Revised tax invoice in GSt Revised tax invoice in GST (1) A revised tax invoice referred to in section 31 and credit or debit note referred to in section 34 shall contain the following particulars – (a) the word “Revised Invoice”, wherever applicable, indicated prominently; (b)

Implementation of Labour Codes

Table of Contents Why New Labour CodesNew Labour Codes – Principles for GovernanceNew CodesApplicabilityDefinition of WagesWage Code: ChangesRead & download a full copy in pdf: Why New Labour Codes   Economic Survey – States (Like Rajasthan from 2015) which are more flexible with Labour Laws

Implementation of Labour Codes