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All QuestionsCategory: GST ConsultancyGST for doctors dispensing medicines
Profile photo of ShipraShipra asked 11 months ago

GST for doctors dispensing medicines

I am a doctor having a clinic and dispensing medicines. Professional fees amount comes around 7 lakhs and medicines sale of 10 lakhs. I had taken the GST number. Do I pay for GST ? If not what do I do with GST number?

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1 Answers
Profile photo of SUKUMAR MADHAV KULKARNISUKUMAR MADHAV KULKARNI answered 11 months ago

Madam, Professional fees for medical practice ( namely for Diagnose, Treatment , etc for care not cure ) are exempt from GST.  But You had taken GST number then You should shown theses fees under GSTR 3B under Table 3.1 column C and medicine sale is taxable under GST.  So You have to pay GST on theses medicine sales. 
Another point is If You want to calcel Your gst number then you can cancel it as your turnover is below threshold  limit.  If You have any query on this then please feel free and write on my email id