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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesGST changed to 5%
Profile photo of Mahesh SherkarMahesh Sherkar asked 10 months ago

GST changed to 5%

I have purchased a flat, and my registration/agreement was done in June 2018. However, the builder had not given me possession till date (6May2019). The GST applicable was 12% at the time of registration. The builder will get completion certificate in June 2019, when the GST reduced to 5%.

Now my question is,
At the time of agreement/registration I’ve paid 70% of amount on which 12% GST was applied. But now after 1 April 2019 GST was reduced from 12% to 5% .
In May2019 month flat is almost ready to deliver so at that time,Builder is demanding me remaining 30% amount at the rate of 12% GST instead of 5% so i think he is not Passing GST benefit to me.
Is the builder correct, or is he overcharging me?

Your reply would save my 1.5lakh please help.🙏

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1 Answers
Profile photo of CA Shafaly GirdharwalCA Shafaly Girdharwal answered 10 months ago

Builders have option to pay tax at 5% or at old rate for ongoing projects. Pls ask him to show that he has chosen that option to be remained in the old scheme.