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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesApplied for Manufacturing GST registration but using for E-commerce
Profile photo of Sourabh GargSourabh Garg asked 3 months ago

Applied for Manufacturing GST registration but using for E-commerce

Hi, I want to share my problems with GST please help me
I have applied for GST registration as a manufacturer of a thick thread for which I purchased 

  • Machines from Gujarat (chargeable at GST ) 

The person who sent me machines didn’t file my invoice  for which I am not getting the invoice in my 2A
But I filed all my returns with required IGST credit to avail
Now my dashboard shows credit but it is provisional only
Will I get the credit or not?
Secondly, I am using the same registration for e-commerce selling Mobile accessories on Flipkart? I am permitted to do
so with the same registration?
Also, the machines above mentioned I bought them to Haryana through a GTA (Goods Transport Agency ) which I forgot to mention in my returns, But he uploaded his returns and now I am getting the credit in my GST login
what should I do?
I am reachable at

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2 Answers
Profile photo of GAGAN AGGARWALGAGAN AGGARWAL answered 3 months ago

when you purchase this machine
for regsitration in my views both business has different risk and reward so you have take registration as another vertical
Thank and and d Regards 
CA Gagan Aggarwal

Profile photo of Sourabh GargSourabh Garg answered 3 months ago

I purchased the machines in August , 2019