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# 18.Recent Amendments and clarifications in GST

# 18.Recent Amendments and clarifications in GST

Recent Amendments and clarifications in GST.pdf

Topic to be discussed

In this session speaker will discuss various notifications which were issued recently in the wake of decisions taken in 39th GST Council meeting dated 14.03.2020 and the Covid 19 relief measures announced by the Govt. Also 4 circulars issued recently will be discussed.

Questions asked during the session.

1. How we can decide useful life of assets for reversal?
2. Why threshold limit for audit is inclusive of GST while for registration this limit is without taxes. please elaborate.
3. As Rs.1000 as credit has been availed already and after two year it is to be reduced by 40%(5% for 8 quarter) and this 40% is to be added to the output tax liability.The remains 60% is to be decided by 60 for reversal under common credit.Is it right?
4. Sir, will this proportionate refund result in excess working capital blockage also?
5. I have deposited interest on Gross. This excess interest amount can be reversed or not ?
6. Will it be applicable for itc accumulated due to input services as well which is not allowed under sec 54(3)?
7. What if the goods are tailor made (how to find the value of similarly placed outward supplier)?
8. Can we claim capital goods itc now?
9. Benefit of BCD is taken means?
10. I think in EOU, there is no provision to avail partial exemption. Notification 52/2003 Cust read with Notification 78/2017 does not permit this. Please clarify.
11. Sir, please explain how can an assessee both claim exemption and refunds before amendment?
12. In case of permission by RBI TO WRITE OFF . Can exporter take refund which was returned?
13. GSTR-7 for March 20 whose due date was 10th April has been extended or not?
14. Sir Refund pertaining to excess payment in December 17 has has not yet been applied. Is there anything we can do now as 2 years has elapsed?
15. What about the refund regarding Inverted Duty Structure because in some cases output liabilities is always adjusted by credit ledger. Because as per new amended rule of refund, department will credit those amount into credit ledger only by PMT 03.
16. For inverted duty structure deficiency memo received but no issue is mentioned? than what i can assume and what can do further?
17. I filled all the document but till refund is not received and deficiency memo recieved so pls give list of Deocument to be submitted online for inverted duty structure?
18. Rule 1.5 is also applicable in case of export of services?
19. Whether refund of accumulated ITC will be allowed in case tax is paid under RCM & then ITC is claimed?
20. Sir, what about appeal pending towards penalty on e-way bill due to non setting up of tribunal?
21. What if we have filed the refund application for inverted duty structure due to rate change , before the date of circular?
22. What is the turnover limit for GSTR 9 Annual Return for FY 2018-19?
23. Can deprecation on exempt plus taxable machine be treated as gst exempt?
24. Dual signature facility is applicable at the time of new registration?
25. Sir my turnover is below 5cr and I am filing monthly GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B, so plz tell me the due date of GSTR1 and GSTR3B for March 2020?
26. Sir, there was a relief in 39th gst council meeting - The taxpayers with an aggregate annual turnover of less than Rs 2 crore in FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19 will not pay any late fee for delayed filing of GSTR-9. So my doubt is those who paid the late fee and filed GSTr9 for 17-18 as well as 18-19 will they get refund of the same?
27. Please specify list of documents to be upload for inverted duty structrure refund case?
28. Whether due date extension applicable to GSTR-1?
29. What if, company dealing in only single type of product sold goods of 1 lakh to domestic and 10 cr as export. zero rated value would be 1.5 lakh only?
30. Rule 89(4) - do we have to calculate product wise?
31. Sir gstr3B filling date ke liye buffer time 15 days h uske bad interest charge hoga but gstr1 file ka date to last week of June h it means Mera credit to gstr2a me reflect hi nahi karega and capping provision aa jayega to fayda Kya hua?
32. I have applied refund inverted duty structure refund online but deficiency memo many times but no any issued defined in deficiency memo than what i can do? and how i can find my problem in Refund application?
33. Date for GSTR-3B for Feb 2020 extended or not sir ? since date of return was 20.02.2020 and in press release the mentioned 20.2.20 onwards returns?
34. What rate of gst applicable for sand supply with my own vehicle?
35. In case of partnership firm, if all existing partners retired and new partners joined the firm, will the continuing partners be able to use the unutilised credit?
36. Due date for GSTR-3B for Feb-2020 was 20th March 2020. Is there is any extension allowed ?
37. Sir please explain the extension due date of return filling due to this Corona pandamic.
38. How to claim refund in case itc is accumulated due to input services both under forward charge & reverse charge. Will the tax paid under rcm will be treated as cash payment?
39. Whether works contractor need to pay GST on RCM basis on the amount of royalty deducted by PWD department from RA bill of contractor ?
40. Can I get refund of tax paid at the time of gst registration of non-resident person who eventually didn't got registration approved and has to reapply for registration due to that ?
41. Sir i am filing monthly gst return and my supplier filed quarterly return so how can i take credit as per new rules because of now showing in 2a will reflect after only quarter end?
42. The assessee send the goods on invoice but without ewaybill the goods ere detained and the tax along with penalty through DRC-03. Then how tax input will be available to the purchaser?
43. 1000/60*36 will be reversed in ratio of exempt turnover to total this right? 
44. For T/O below 2 cr annual return for FY18-19 mandatory or optional?
45. In case payment has been made in CGST & SGST instead of IGST, will the refund be granted or adjusment will be done?
46. Will deprecation have to be treated as gst exempt as no gst is paid on deprecetation?
47. Sir if the GSTR-1 is extended then what will be the fate of input credit for March 2020 - can I claim full ITC or 10% of ITC reflected in 2A?
48. Do we need to prepare statement 1A manually?
49. In case of Service of Vehicle of another state what will be place of supply . for example service in haryana, of jaipur vehicle, what will be place of supply?
50. What if export of services has not obtained LUT in FY 19-20 and has made supply of service. how to save the client. export proceeds are received. pls comment?
51. What about e-way bill provisions during lockdown period?
52. If my assessee has paid purchase bill due after 180 days due to market practice than reversal is applicable?
53. In case of export the IGST charged in invoice then whether it can be collected from the receiver of service or goods? If yes, then the department is demanding certificate from the CA about non passing of incidence of tax.
54. The assessee send the goods on invoice but without e-way bill, the goods are detained and the tax along with penalty through DRC-03. Then how tax input will be available to the purchaser?
55. Is GSTR-3B deprecation can be added in gst exempt?

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