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# 2.Vivad se Vishwas

# 2.Vivad se Vishwas

Vivad se Vishwas.pdf

Topic to be discussed

In this session, CA Raghuveer Poonia Ji will discuss the major points under the newly launched scheme under the Income Tax Act. He will cover the basic problems arising related to the scheme.

Questions asked during the session.

1.Whether TDS Default Notices are also covered in the Scheme?|
2. My question with regard to real estate sector, In case token amount for booking flat received from customer before Completion certificate received but Sales Agreement made after completion certificate received, whether GST is levied in that case ? If so than GST is to be levied only on advance received before completion certificate or on total consideration including receipt after completion certificate received?
3. If someone has not filed the appeal within time allowed for filing appeal but filed late i.e. after 31st january. Are such cases covered?
4. Please tell how to calculate disputed tax?
5. Do we require to calculate normal tax along with Re-computing?
6. Sir in A.O order he make addition without giving benefit section 54 in his sec 144 order in 148 (although it is time barred notice) case but we have file c.i.t appeal against amount..should we go in this scheme then?
7. Sir in case of the search under section 153A the limit is Rs 5 crore. Such Rs 5 crore shall be calculated for every 6 year or in total?
8. If 20% is already deposited then subsequent to it we have to deposit 80% balance demand or 100% & after that deposit will be refunded?

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