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Top 10 GST Courses in India

GST or Goods and services tax is a value-added tax levied on domestically sold goods. It is paid by consumers then after businessmen remit it to the government. In July 2017 GST was launched in India to eliminate tax on tax, from manufacturing level to consumption level.

For example, if a manufacturing unit that makes shirts obtain raw material for Rs 100 which includes Rs 10 as tax. It adds value to the goods by 50 rupees, cost of the finished goods is 150 and tax will be @ 10% that will be 15 rupees. Under GST the tax that was paid earlier is applied and set off against this tax that is 15-10 i.e. 5 rupees.

In simple terms, we can say that GST tax is paid only once and as the value of goods increases tax is charged based on post value increase. In the earlier system tax was paid at every level thus increasing the cost of goods, GST has led to controlling inflation as the price of goods will be lowered and maintained.

GST certification course

  • The GST certification course is pursued by individuals to increase their knowledge and enhance the decision-making that is required for self-employment and employment in the industry.
  • The certification acts as an added endorsement and provides a salary hike.
  • Employment options are increased, both self-employment as consultancy and industry jobs.
  • Deep knowledge and skill enhancement are achieved through GST certification.
  • The course is a small duration course with online and offline classroom sessions.

This article is about the top 10 GST certification courses in India that can be pursued for a better understanding of GST. The course is for any graduates, CAs, company secretaries, financial and tax professionals who yearn for a career in this field.

Following are the top 10 GST courses in India-

1. Certificate Course on GST by ConsultetEase


gst course

About GST Course by ConsultetEase

The goal of this GST course is to allow students the opportunity to learn about and be familiar with tax rules applying specifically for GST. The information will equip them with a deeper understanding of how these laws apply in their everyday life as an employer, employee, or business owner.

The best way to keep your business compliant with all the new rules and regulations you’ll be facing as a result of GST is by taking this course. It will help set up everything from accounting systems, invoicing software, or even just payroll updates so that there are no surprises come May 11th when registrations open! Do you want to learn more about the Goods and Services Tax? A certificate GST course will teach you everything they need.

You are about to embark on a journey that will change the way you think about taxation for years. Our best GST course is unlike any other in its field, because it provides both theoretical understanding and practical application of all relevant provisions with clear explanations from an expert instructor named Shaifaly Girdharwal who has created this course. Well-organized chapters divided into manageable parts make learning easier while online resources allow students access even when off campus or without internet connection – including videos related specifically to GST compliance found only here. The GST course by Consultease is available in 2 languages:

  1. GST Course in Hindi
  2. GST Course in English

Course Delivery:

The delivery of the course on GST will be via an online dashboard on ConsultEase.Com. The user is provided with a login and password access to view all course materials like videos, educational resources, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, case laws, and case studies uploaded there for quick viewing convenience. You can access this course lifetime.


Who can buy this course on GST? You have a deep desire to learn taxation. However, the participant must meet certain qualifications and be willing to read through all of its provisions again in order to get what they need out of it!


The course is a great way to brush up on your knowledge of the law and its relation to other areas. It provides 25 hours worth of videos, which can be watched at any time for as long as you want! Plus there’s plenty more material available in PDF form if still not enough answers after watching those videos. The course is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the GST regulations, including videos and PDF files. The total duration for this time investment? 35 hours!


The course ensures that assessments are continuous and anytime a participant watches the videos. The discussions include practical case studies, where participants can do self-assessments for every chapter in order to understand whether or not they fully comprehended key points covered during each session.

Award of Certificate:

You will be awarded a certificate after successfully completing this GST course. A Consultease Certificate of Completion will be provided to you on successful completion, as well!

2. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy


gst course henry harvin


One of the finest Edutech set to bridge the gap between academics and industry requirements, Focus on the practical aspect of training and believe in all forms of experiential training.

It offers 2 courses

The different aspects of the course that is offered are as below

Duration: The GST course is 32 hours of interactive instructor-led sessions and the Postgraduate program in GST is 6 months of live interactive sessions. Henry Harvin is focused on the practical aspect of learning and it imparts 360 degrees of training. The facility of experiential training and well-supervised internship makes this course a huge success.

Fees: The course fee for the GST course is Rs12500 and that of the Postgraduate course is Rs39000. The fees of the Postgraduate program are more as this is an advanced course with a vast curriculum and it also includes some VBA and v lookup functions as a part of the course.

Eligibility and application: The course is for anyone and everyone who is looking for a career in this field or is passionate about this field. However, having a finance background helps in a better understanding of terminologies and concepts; however, anyone who is having a basic understanding of taxation can take up this course.

Faculty: The trainers at Henry Harvin are the finest trainers featured by Aaj Tak and Hindustan Times and NDTV for their expert views. The trainers have industry experience in advising companies for an efficient transition to GST and are part of Henry Harvin accounts academy as domain experts.

Relationship manager or student support:- Much emphasis is there on the student support with 24 X7 and a relationship manager is appointed to guide through the journey with Henry Harvin. They handle all your queries pre and post-completion of the course

Job assistance- Since the objective of Edutech is industry experience. Henry Harvin provides 100% job assistance to its students till the 1-year post completion of the course.

Course content:- The course content of almost every basic GST course is the same.  The advanced course has a vast curriculum, but the main focus is the practical implementation of the things that are taught academically. And you can refer to the official website for a detailed syllabus.

Added benefits:- Doing a course with the institute Henry Harvin brings lots of added benefits which no other institute offers.

The course is focused on practical training thus there are opportunities for projects and internships. There are projects init, and more

The course offers100% placement assistance even after completion of the course for 1 year.

There are Boot Camp sessions to update and provide brushup sessions to the aspirants for 12 months.

E-learning access for all the course-related content there is access for e-learning that provides video content. and assessments. The e-learning modules can be accessed through mobile also.

#Ask Henry, a platform for career guidance is also available for students looking for career advice.

1-year-learning gold membership of Henry Harvin is also provided to the aspirants.

It provides a recording of previous sessions. In case you have missed a class you need not worry about the chapters taught, you can always go back and view the recordings of previous sessions and in case you have not understood anything you can visit the recordings.

A complimentary course for soft skill development and resume writing is also offered that helps during interviews.

It offers lifetime access to the course material for the first year it is free and from the second year onwards the course can be accessed with a nominal fee.

There is also the facility of demo videos that provides an overall view of the course.

3. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


The GST & Indirect Taxes Committee of ICAI has introduced a Certificate Course on GST to enhance the skill and knowledge of GST.

Duration: It is a 10-day course with an option of weekly classes and weekend classes time being 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Fees: The fee of the course is Rs. 14,000

Eligibility and application: The course is limited only to members of ICAI meaning only for the chartered accountants.

Faculty:- The live lectures are delivered online through zoom mode. The faculty is a combination of practicing Chartered Accountants advocates and experts in the field to provide technical and practical knowledge.

Relationship manager or student support: The notice and details are received on the website and you have to regularly check for updates

Course content:- The course content is almost similar for all the courses and also it includes the audit aspect and you can refer to the official website for a detailed syllabus.

Added benefits

30 CPE hours are given to the members 25 posts attending the classes and 5 are after the assessment.

There is a daily assessment to be attempted.

Recorded videos for selected topics are provided

Background material is provided and is included in course fees.

4. Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India


Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India


2 courses are posts offered by ICWAI.

  • Certificate Course on GST
  • Advanced Certificate Course on GST

Duration: The duration of the course is 72 hours for a certificate course on GST and 40 hours for an advanced course on GST.

Fees: The fees for the certificate course are Rs 14000 plus GST and an exam fee of Rs1000 plus GST is charged separately.

Eligibility and application: The course is limited to member professionals like CS, CA, MBA, Mcom, lawyers industry executives, and students pursuing CMA or in the final year.

Relationship manager or student support: The notice and details are received on the website and you have to regularly check for updates

Course content: The course content is almost the same for basic GST courses and you can refer to the official website for a detailed syllabus.

Added benefits: Study material and mock test papers are provided to the students

5. Arun Jaitley National Institute of Finance Management


Arun Jaitley National Institute of Finance Management


Offers the GST course as Certificate Course in GST. Started in 1993 the institute is a government set up as it is a registered society under the ministry of finance. It provides a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas and experiences of governance and administrative reforms.

Duration: The duration of the course is divided into 4 Sundays ie 1 month with web-based study for 25 Hours.

Fees:- The course fee is Rs12500 plus taxes

Eligibility and application: The members of the ICSI institute are eligible for the course

Faculty: The faculty is an alumnus of one of the best institutes and has industry experience within and outside India.

Relationship manager or student support:

Course content: It is a combination of web-based study and self-study. The course content is almost the same for each GST course, and you can refer to the official website for a detailed syllabus.

Added benefits: At the end of the course online assessment is conducted and the certification is awarded by ICSI jointly with NIFM.

6. The Institute of company secretary of India


The Institute of company secretary of India


The course offered is a Certificate course on Goods and Service tax. The vision of ICSI is “To be a global leader in promoting Good Corporate Governance” and their mission is “To develop high caliber professionals facilitating good Corporate Governance”  

Duration: The course is for the duration of 15 to 20 hours of training. It is provided once a week and each session is for 2 hours.

Fees: The fee of the course is a non-refundable fee of Rs7500 plus tax

Eligibility and application: The course is restricted for the members of ICSI or students of the executive program

Faculty: The faculty is experienced and the course delivery is through live webinars and recorded versions and PPTs.

Relationship manager or student support: The notice and details are received on the website and you have to regularly check for updates

Course content: The course is a basic course with an exam at the end. The assessment includes MCQs and project rapport with a weightage of 50% each. and you can refer to the official website for a detailed syllabus.

Added benefits It provides 15 structured CPE upon course completion. 

7.  ClearTax


ClearTax gst cerification course


The course offered is Comprehensive e-Learning Certification on New GST Returns. It is a platform for financial services to individuals tax SMEs and enterprises. It provides almost all types of tax filing services to minimize tax deductions with accurate compliance.

Duration: The course is 8 hours of in-depth training, with all practical implications of GST filing.

Fees: The course fee is Rs 3600.

Eligibility: The course can be pursued by all looking for a career in this field

Faculty: The trainers are experienced, industry experts

Course content: The course includes all the basic GST applications

Added benefits The course teaches us a detailed transition plan to the new GST

8. Udemy


Udemy gst course


The course offered is Complete GST Course & Certification with a tagline Grow your CA practice. An online platform that is only meant for sharing knowledge and is available globally.

Duration: It is 12 hours of course and provides all the essential concepts to be a GST expert.

Fees The fees charged by Udemy are Rs4800.

Eligibility and application: The course is created by ClearTax learning and is almost the same. The eligibility requirement includes curiosity and passion for the course ie anyone with an interest in the field can apply.

Faculty: Instructors are experienced  with a rating of 3.8

Relationship manager or student support: Student support is provided by Udemy and for any queries, you can write to them

Course content: The course is divided into segments and covers all the topics as in the GST course, for a detailed syllabus you can visit the site.

Added benefits: The course has 42 hours of demand videos and 29 articles. It provides lifetime access and certification on completion.

9. BSE institute Ltd.


BSE institute gst course


The institute offers a Certificate Program on GST to provide a complete understanding of GST. The vision is to be the most sought learning provider in financial learning. The institute has a focus on pursuit. of knowledge.

Duration: The duration of the course is 60 hours with web-based classes held on Saturday and Sunday.

Fees: The course fees are not mentioned on the site however on an inquiry about the course,  the details are provided.

Eligibility and application The targeted audience of the course is Company Secretaries

ICSI Members, ICSI Professional Program Students.

Faculty: Experienced faculty with years of experience and are experts in their fields. The faculty not only focus on the delivery of lectures.

Relationship manager or student support for any queries there is an official mail id where the issue can be raised and discussed.

Course content: The course curriculum is a detailed GST syllabus with all the topics oF GST, For a detailed syllabus you can visit the site.

10. GST India expert .com


GST India expert gst course


The institute is specifically set up to provide an interactive platform for GST  for events related to GST, case studies, articles, and webinars all related to GST. They Provide GST training to bridge the gap of trained manpower and requirements in the economy.

There are 2 GST Executive courses offered by them GSTE and GSTEP:

Duration:  GSTE is a 1-month course and classes of 3 hours and a 2-month course with classes of 1.5 hours. STEP is a 1.5-month course with classes being of 3 hours and a 2.5 months course with classes being of 1.5 hours.

Fees: The fees of GSTE are Rs12000 plus service tax and fees of GSTEP is Rs 15000 plus tax and an additional Rs 500 for prospectus and admission charge.

Eligibility and application: Training is provided to graduates, working accountants, and other people wanting to work in this field.

Faculty: The expert trainers with industry experience are part of their faculty.

Relationship manager or student support

Job assistance: There is mention of providing job assistance to its students.

Course content: The Course has a detailed syllabus of GST and covers all the important topics.

Added benefits Job assistance is provided by the institute. And provides an orientation to soft skills. Regular updates educational videos, articles by experts, discussion forums, and seminars, and webinars are part of the added benefit.

11. EduPristine


EduPristine gst course


It was started in 2008 to provide premier finance training. It has an online platform and classroom mode of learning. It is the learning and training provider in the field of Accounting and finance. It offers a GST course to provide clarity to the GST concepts.

Duration: It provides classroom training for 32 hours both weekend and weekly options are available.

Fees:- Training fee is  Rs15800 inclusive of all taxes.

Eligibility and application: undergraduates and graduates Mcom and MBAs and working professionals looking for a career in GST can pursue this course.

Faculty: The chartered accountants with relevant industry experience conduct training.

Relationship manager or student support: There is 24X7 access to the online course and doubt solving forum.

Course content: The course includes all the basic GST concepts and their practical implications

Added benefits Complimentary material access on advance excel and GST Ebook.


The GST certification is provided by many institutes and most of them have eligibility criteria fixed. And some institutes do not deliver what is expected from them. Henry Harvin is one institute that is clear in its objective and works hard to deliver what they promise.

The GST course of Henry Harvin Is one of the courses that stand out the added benefits that the course provides are most sought after.  Most of the GST courses have similar content; the difference lies in practical applications and content delivery. The purpose of the course is to provide a clear understanding of the GST system. Henry Harvin has a methodological content delivery system and is based on the concept of experiential learning that caters to live industry projects. There is a course that has a very good curriculum but there is no single course that provides such a mix of the course structure.

I have enumerated the courses here with their respective particulars. Now it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Choose well and Happy Learning!

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