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Slump Sale Under Income Tax Act Along with Recent Amendments

Introduction of Slump Sale


• The clause 42C of section 2 of the Income Tax Act was introduced via Finance Act 1999, Prior to the insertion Courts have held that slump sale is a sale of a business on a going concern basis where the lumpsum price cannot be attributed to individual assets or liabilities.

Was Not Charged to TAX (didn’t fall under PGBP or Capita Gains) – That if the computation cannot be made in absence of cost of acquisition, then the charging section itself would not be applicable. (PNB Finance v. CIT, [2008])

• To plug in these tax loopholes, a slump sale mechanism was introduced & computation was given under section 50B

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Why Slump Sale:

• To focus on specific business processes

• To hive off a business segment (Tata Motors)

• To purchase an existing business along with its customers & market (Ruchi Soya & Patanjali)

• To reduce compliance costs (multiple entities = more compliance)

• For better Tax administration.

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Slump Sale under Indirect Tax

  • Is it a “supply”? Under section 7
  • Goods or Services It is a supply of service
  • Valuation of Supply under sec 15 & Rule 28 to 31
  • Rate of Tax-Exempt under notification 12/2017 – CT(R)

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Recent amendments in Slump Sale Provisions


1. Change in the definition (amendment to clause 42C of sec 2)

• Earlier the clause read “slump sale” means the transfer of one or more “undertaking as a result of the sale“

• New Clause reads “slump sale” means the transfer of one or more [undertaking, by any means,]”

Effect – Transactions of Slump Exchange also covered in the definition of Slump Sale.                                           (Hon’ble Bombay HC in Bharat Bijlee (supra) & Areva T & D Ltd. v. CIT, [2020] reversed)

Recent amendments in Slump Sale Provisions


2. Valuation for Goodwill Changed (amendment to sec 50B)

• If the goodwill is other than purchased from the previous owner – the value of such goodwill will be deemed to be zero.

• Department may contend that the intangible assets of similar nature viz. customer lists, brands, etc. are nothing but good will and might disallow their value.

Effect – Net worth will be reduced which means more capital gains.

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Recent amendments in Slump Sale Provisions


3. Change in “Full value of Consideration” (amendment in sec 50B)

• Full value of consideration is higher than FMV 1 & FMV 2–

FMV 1 = A + B + C + D – L


A: Book value of all asset (other than valuable assets) appearing in the books of transferor after adjusting Income Tax paid/refund & Deferred Tax assets

B: Price of Jewellery and Artwork

C: FMV of Shares

D: Value of Immovable Property

L: Book value of liabilities after adjusting shareholder fund, certain reserves, taxes, and contingent liabilities (only real liabilities considered)



• The government is surely making meaningful and valid efforts in plugging in the loopholes exploited in the past.

• These amendments may result in an increase in revision in deals, litigations & increased collections in taxes.

• One of the important observations is that the calculation of fair market value requires assessing the value of assets which is against the spirit of slump transaction.

• It will be interesting to see what the future holds for such deal transactions.

Read & Download the full copy in pdf:

Slump Sale Under Income Tax Act Along with Recent Amendments


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