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GST Late Fees and Interest Calculator on Late Filling

Since GST is being operationalized since Jul-17, One of major concern is how to calculate INTEREST on late payment of GST & Late fees for filling GSTR 3B.

I have attached an Automatic GST Late Fees Calculator in Excel. A Simple Automatic GST Late Fees Calculator in Excel Format for easy calculation of Late Fees Payable for late filing of Form GSTR 3B which calculates late fees under both CGST and SGST.

I have also attached – AN EXCEL UTILITY FOR delayed GST payment FOR GSTR 3B RETURNS ( FOR LATE FILING GSTR 3B )

GST Late Fees and Interest Calculator

Brief for Late Fees under GST

As per GST laws, the Late Fee is an amount charged for delay in filing GST returns. It can be referred to as an overdue fine. Right now, this late fees is at Rs. 25 per day for CGST & Same for SGST

Brief for Interest on late payment & late filling of GSTR – 3B

Interest is applicable on Late Payment of GST Due

Interest has to be paid by every taxpayer who:

Makes a delayed GST payment i.e. pays GST after the due date. i.e at 18% pa
Claims excess Input Tax Credit i.e at 24% pa
Here we have tried to make Excel calculator for delayed GST payment

Download the Excel Sheets of GST Late Fees and Interest Calculator by clicking the following links
GST Late Fee Calculator 🔗 GST Interest Calculator 🔗


I am thankful that you have read my article If you need any further information related to GST Late fees and Interest Calculator you can comment below or can send me a private message through my profile.

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  • sandeep jain

    great job done by furnishing the calculator


  • Narendra

    In your excel worksheet for GST interest calculation, the interest is calculated based on 360 day year, whereas in all other examples given on various websites, the calculation demonstrates dividing by 365 days.
    Any specific reason why you chose 360 days ?