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What is difference between CPC and CrPC?

CPC and CrPC: 

CPC and CrPC Both are frequent terms of the law. You must have heard these names many times. Now we will understand the difference between these two.

CPC: It was introduced in 1908.  It is called Civil procedure code. There are 158 sections in CPC. It also contains orders and rules. These cases are heard in civil court and some kind of compensation is demanded. Where some rights and remedies are covered.

CrPC: It was introduced in 1973.  It is called the code of criminal procedure.  There are only sections and schedules in this law.  It has 484 sections. It has two schedules. These cases have some criminal proceedings. In this case, some kind of punishment is demanded.

Hope it is useful for you. This is a quick difference between the CPC and CrPC.


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