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Checklist for GST annual return

Checklist for GST annual return: type of filing

Type of Annual return required to be filed:

Four types of annual returns
GSTR-9B: Similarly, if you are an e-commerce operator who had filed GSTR-8 during the FY, you need to file GSTR-9B as your annual return.

Checklist for annual return:

~List of tax invoiced issued during the period and reconciliation of the same with books of accounts, this also should be reconciled with the turnover declared in the audited financial statements. This should be made each GSTIN statewise by the company. 
~List of debit/credit notes issued during the period and reconciliation of the same with books of accounts.
~In case company has the different units/branch all over India, then the stock transfer between units/branches also to be reconciled with the books.
~Reconciliation of advances received and GST paid for goods & services during July 1 to 15th November 2017 and advances received for services and GST paid for that from 15th November 2017 to 31ST March 2018.
~Reconciliation of E-Way bill data with the tax invoices issued during the period
~ GSTIN statewise
Reconciliation of HSN wise summary with the issued tax invoices
~Reconciliation discount given to the customer with purpose and recheck if the same under GST act allowed or not.
~List of Purchase & other service bills accounted during the period & Input credit taken on the same and further reconciliation with the books and returns.
~Ensure all the input credit taken bills are uploaded by the suppliers and it is reflecting in the GSTR-2A.
~Reconciliation of input credit availed and also ensure all the availed credits are eligible as per the act and the ineligible credits, common credits are reversed & accounted properly.
~Details of input credit taken on the fixed assets and
Reconciliation of Reverse charge GST (RCM) payable till the applicable date on all the applicable expenses and paid the same.
~Reconciliation of monthly GST returns with the books of accounts and all the taxable, exempted & non-GST turn over declared in the returns if any differences, reason for the same.
~Check and ensure input credit taken supplier invoices paid within 180 days, if not the same input to be reversed.
~All the credit taken on TRAN-1 credit reflecting in the GST portal Andy there is no issue on that.
~In case any refund application filed with the department and eligibility & status of the same.
• Penalty ( not late fee ) shall be Rs 100/- per Day in SGST & CGST 
• Casual Taxable Persons
• ISD Taxpayers
• Non Resident Taxable Persons 
• Persons paying TDS u/s 51 
• on or before 31st December of the subsequent financial year.


Details to be provided in GSTR-9

•  Part-I : Basic details of the taxpayer. This detail will be auto-populated.
•     Part-II : Details of Outward and Inward supplies declared during the FY. This detail must be picked up by consolidating summary from all GST returns filed in previous FY.
• Part-III : Details of ITC declared in returns filed during the FY. This will be summarised values picked up from all the GST returns filed in previous FY.
• Part-IV : Details of tax paid as declared in returns filed during the FY.
• Part-V : Particulars of the txns for the previous FY declared in returns of April to Sept of current FY or up to the date of filing of annual returns of previous FY whichever is earlier.
• Part-VI : Other Information comprising details of:
-GST Demands and refunds,
-HSN wise summary information of the quantity of goods supplied and received with its corresponding Tax details against each HSN code,
-Late fees payable and paid details and
inward supplies received from different categories of taxpayers like Composition dealers, deemed supply and goods supplied on approval basis.

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