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Oral Hygiene & Dental Care

  Table of Contents General Dental AwarenessStructure of teethOral Hygiene MaintenanceImportance of good oral hygieneBy maintaining good oral hygiene we can preventBasic steps for maintaining oral hygiene:Brushing:Proper brushing methodInterdental Cleaning  AidsDental FlossInterdental Brush  (Proxy Brush)Read & Download the full copy in pdf: General Dental Awareness

Oral Hygiene & Dental Care

Constitutional Validity of the Provision levying GST on the supply of Business Promotion Services to the Recipient located Outside India By Justice Abhay Ahuja

  2021 (6) TMI 383 – Bombay High Court in Dharmendra M. Jani Versus Union of India and Others Table of Contents FactsHon’ble Court ObservationHon’ble Court Verdict Facts Petitioner provides marketing and sales promotion services to customers/principals located outside India who in turn export goods