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All QuestionsCategory: UncategorizedTds certificate in 194IC
Nikhil jawa asked 4 years ago

Tds certificate in 194IC

What tds certifucate to be given to landlord?
Whethe 16A is generated for the same as in all cases other than salary or any new TDS certificate is introduced for 194IB?

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2 Answers
Profile photo of Deepak Bholusaria, CADeepak Bholusaria, CA answered 4 years ago

TDS certificate to be issued in form 16C. Process is similar to TDS certificate in form 16B. Please logon to for more tutorials. 

Profile photo of Karan BatraKaran Batra answered 4 years ago

In case the TDS is deducted under Section 194I @ 10% – Form 16A is to be issued and given by the tenant to the landlord.
However, in case TDS  on Rent is deducted under Section 194IB @ 5%, Form 16A cannot be issued as the tenant does not have a TAN No. In such cases, Form 16C would be issued.