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All QuestionsCategory: GST ConsultancySteps for GST registration : I need the information
Profile photo of Nancy JobinNancy Jobin asked 1 year ago

Steps for GST registration : I need the information

Steps for GST registration:

I am starting the new business. I have decided for the business name already. I need to make GST registration for my business. I am also getting all documents and required details for registering. My friend suggests me to find the good website for registering the business returns. He is using the GST software for collecting their GST invoice bill. i am also need for submitting all required details to that action completely success. I want more information and all explanation about GST. What are the GST rates for different types of products? What is the importance of GST rates in business? What are the limitations are available in GST implementation? Please tell me the answers for my questions. I need to know about the answers for developing my knowledge. I am finding the GST related books for know. But it cannot be getting clear and i am not able to understand. I need the understandable information and required some of reference ideas for me.
My business is getting the work for making cloths for kids. I am not starting the any work in that. First i need to register my business. I need to get my ?GST registration certificate and then start the work. I am fixing the price with GST rate for my products. More persons are needed to work.  I need to install the GST software for getting message for tax payment. I am ready to submit my business details to registering. Please guide me to make business as success and great quality details for developing the units. I am getting some of helps from my friend. He is getting more experience in GST return filing and tax payment in online. I need to know the submitted questions with answers. Please tell me the powerful answers for me.

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Profile photo of CA Pankaj Kumar SharmaCA Pankaj Kumar Sharma answered 1 year ago

Hi, First of All let you that you want to get knowledge of GST and Function for running the business is not one time activity. To Lear GST you should have basic knowledge of law interpretation, accounting etc.   
To get right technology for managing business and compliance under GST depends N Numbers of factors lie, size of organisation, scale and others, so that right and cost effective system can be adopted. 
Contact good Consultant for  the same. 
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