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All QuestionsRegarding GSTR9 Table 8 ( Other ITC Related info.. )
Profile photo of RAJU BEDIRAJU BEDI asked 4 months ago

Regarding GSTR9 Table 8 ( Other ITC Related info.. )

Hello Ma’am,
  Our one supplier post two bills on wrong GSTIN in nov-2017, but he amend the same in july-2018. Now the scene is the itc of these bill is not showing in table 8-A due to he did not add invoice in b2b table in gstr1 because he had to amend the GSTIN in that invoices. We also check the gstr2a of july-2018 and found that bills in B2BA sheet.
Now the question is that how to match this difference which is showing in GSTR9 Table 8 – D 

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1 Answers
Profile photo of Consultease AdministratorConsultease Administrator answered 4 months ago

Table 8 is only for reconciliation purpose. It wont match in every case. If the tax is paid then it will be allowed to the recipient even if it is not matched with GSTR 2A. You can fill the relevant data in tables and continue. Fill GSTR 9 with actual data.