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All QuestionsCategory: GST Compliancesregarding gst refund
Profile photo of sachit kapoorsachit kapoor asked 5 months ago

regarding gst refund

Hello mam
First of all hats of to give lot of valuable information about gst. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
mam i  am eCommerce seller and  i sell in the category of 5 %  my question is how to get refund  our excess gst from the govt.  in Electronic Credit Ledger. is it possible
for eg: i purchase 1 product  at 100/- gst paid 5 Rs  and i sell at 300/- my tax liability is 10 Rs but amazon charge me 18 % gst on commision and courior which is around 27 Rs   but my liability is 10 the how do i get refund of that 17 rs .
this is my questiom

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