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All QuestionsCategory: GST ConsultancyNon-GST registered period sales turnover
Profile photo of Kollipara sundaraiahKollipara sundaraiah asked 3 years ago

Non-GST registered period sales turnover

One of non-gst registered to assess sales of taxable turnover Rs:42 lacs in f.y.19-20 shown in turnover i.t.return field.
dealer sales of taxable turnover APRIL-2020 TO SEPTEMBER-2020 PERIOD Rs:20 lacs. but dealer GST new registered applied at present OCTOBER-2020 MONTH after GST number received from the GST department.


Dealer non-gst registered periods sales of taxable turnover (42 lacs+ 20 lacs) total Rs:62 lacs shown in GST return OCTOBER-2020 MONTH and tax, penalty payable compulsory in GST act.

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