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All QuestionsCategory: GST ConsultancyNew Composition lavy
Profile photo of Rahul AroraRahul Arora asked 4 months ago

New Composition lavy

Kya cable oprater( service provider) jo ki TV channel k package customers ko provide karvate h vo new composition scheme opt kar sakte h, jabki gov. ne package k rs. fix kiye hue h with gst ,to fir oprater kitna gst lenge customer se 

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2 Answers
Profile photo of CA Shafaly GirdharwalCA Shafaly Girdharwal answered 4 months ago

Yes you can opt but then aap normal rate nahi balki 6% pay karnge. Pls take care that you can take ITC in this case and also you cant charge that tax on invoice. So dono options me compare karke decide karna pls.

Profile photo of RAJESH CHITRODARAJESH CHITRODA answered 4 months ago

Mem as your answer in new composition levy @ 6% , dealer can avail ITC ?