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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesLiability to generate eway bill
Profile photo of Kanav gargKanav garg asked 7 months ago

Liability to generate eway bill

Suppose movement of goods is caused by unregistered person, let’s take an example suppose a person which is unregistered buys a new car from showroom and drives from there, would eway bill be required,and who is liable to generate it?pls clarify!!

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2 Answers
Profile photo of Siddhant ShahSiddhant Shah answered 7 months ago

To simplify your query is answered in two parts :

  1. Firstly,If the movement of goods(supply) is done by unregistered person then the unregistered person shall generate E-way bill by himself or through the transporter. The portal allows an unregistered person to generate E-way bill.

      2. Secondly,Based on your e.g. if the car is bought by an unregistered person from showroom it is the liability of the entity(Showroom) supplying goods(Car in this case) to generate E-Way bill.
Hope this solves you query.
Feel free to contact for any further queries.

Profile photo of Kanav gargKanav garg answered 7 months ago

sir, why in case of car ,eway shall be generated by the car showroon not the unregistered person ?? where as movement here is caused by the unregistered buyer!!