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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesITC on vehicle maintenance
Profile photo of umesh hegdeumesh hegde asked 12 months ago

ITC on vehicle maintenance

one of my clients is dealer of general products. he had a tata ace vehicle for the purpose of giving the delivery of his items to his customer. can he eligible for taking the ITC of this vehicle maintenance such as change of tires, Insurance charges, services, etc?

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2 Answers
Profile photo of Hatim BattiwalaHatim Battiwala answered 12 months ago

Dear Umesh Hegde
ITC on repairs and maintenance of motor vehicles used for business purpose is allowed

Profile photo of Mrinal Kanti DasMrinal Kanti Das answered 10 months ago

┬áDear sir as your vecheale used for carrying of your goods of your business, section 17(5) blockage is not applicable and as per clause (ab), insurance or mantainance bill’s credit for that vecheale is also not blocked…… so as your vecheale is used for transportation of goods, you can claim credit of its insurances and mantainance