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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesInter state movement of goods from one office to another
Profile photo of Puneet KalraPuneet Kalra asked 1 year ago

Inter state movement of goods from one office to another

I’m based in Haryana and have GST registration in Haryana. Recently, we opened a virtual primary place of business & 2 additional place of business in Karnatka. We have now done the registration in Karnataka also.
Now, I’ve few queries:
I need to know what all documents will be required for the movement of goods from Haryana office to Karnataka additional place of business. The shipment will be under 50000. So, I think e way bill is not required.
Do I need to issue invoice to my Karnataka office ?
Is delivery challan required along with invoice ?
What price do I need to mentioned for each item (on delivery challan or invoice). e.g. I purchased “item 1” @ INR 100 for haryana office. MRP mentioned on item is 500. Now, I want to send this item 1 to Karnataka office.
Any other documents required ?

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1 Answers
Profile photo of Sachin AgrahariSachin Agrahari answered 1 year ago

Dear Sir, 
Your queries are related to transfer of goods from one branch to another branch of same entity to another state.
The document required for movement of goods from Haryana to Karnataka if the value of goods is below Rs. 50,000 then only Tax invoice is to be issued to your Karnataka Office.
Delivery Challan is required to be sent in Job work. In Your case Tax Invoice is required to be issued.
You will charge the same amount as you are selling to a customer.
And also you are not required to generate E-Way Bill, but the transporter who will carry the goods will generate E-way Bill.
If any queries please feel free to ask.
Contact No. 8574566807