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All QuestionsCategory: GST ConsultancyHow Reapply for GST
Profile photo of Dinesh MundhraDinesh Mundhra asked 2 years ago

How Reapply for GST

My application for GST has been rejected for not having proper address proof. Now I have valid documents, so can I apply again for GSTN?
If yes, can I use the same Email, Mobile and PAN Number?

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2 Answers
Profile photo of Sandip AgarwalCA Sandip Agarwal answered 2 years ago

yes, you can.

Profile photo of Sanjeev Kumar GoelSanjeev Kumar Goel answered 2 years ago

If your application for GST registration has been rejected on the ground of improper documents then you can apply again for GST registration with same details with which you have previously applied with same Email, PAN and Mobile number.