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Profile photo of AmitAmit asked 8 months ago


Respected Madam,
At first thank you very much for providing new updates to all.
I herewith mention one problem regarding to GSTR1 amendment.
During 2018-19 periodicity of my return is quarterly.
I want to ammend  one GST number in Dec 18 GSTR1 return. 
I already submited all GSTR1 returns upto March 19.
For ammendment in GSTR1 i have to upload next month / quarter GSTR1 return. 
But from 31-03-19 business is closed & i will cancel the GST number from 31-03-19.
Is there any way to amend Dec-18 GSTR1 ?
After cancellation can i upload GSTR1 for only for amendment ?
Is there any way to amend in annual return ?
Please find any solution.

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2 Answers
Profile photo of CA Shafaly GirdharwalCA Shafaly Girdharwal answered 8 months ago

When you will apply for cancellation it will be from prospective date and not retrospective date. You will get opportunity to amend it via GSTR 1. If due to GSTIN portal issues that couldn’t happen you can do it via GSTR 9. But if amendment is related to a b2b invoice, correct figures will never be visible in 2A of buyer.

Profile photo of Consultease AdministratorConsultease Administrator answered 7 months ago

You can first amend GSTR 1 and then cancel GST number. I doubt that deptt will allow you backdated cancellation.