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All QuestionsCategory: GST ConsultancyGSTR 9: Annual return of GST
Profile photo of CA RAHUL SINGHCA RAHUL SINGH asked 6 months ago

GSTR 9: Annual return of GST

The ITC Claimed in GSTR-3B based on valid available invoices is higher than the ITC reflected in GSTR-2A.There showns a negative balance in Table No.8D(Diff between GSTR-3B & GSTR-2A) of GSTR-9.How to report this negative balance in GSTR-9.All the ITC Claimed in GSTR-3B is valid and invoices are available with us.

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1 Answers
Profile photo of Consultease AdministratorConsultease Administrator answered 6 months ago

A negative balance will not result in any kind of reversal. Only a positive balance will result in lapse. How the ITC will get lapse is also not clear. If you have taken more ITC than reflected in 2A you may be called by deptt to vouch for the correctness of transaction.