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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesGSTR 3b corrections for wrong data entered
Profile photo of surendra mohansurendra mohan asked 5 months ago

GSTR 3b corrections for wrong data entered

I face critical problem on my sales. I have only sale on CGST@SGST, by mistake I pay IGST sales in GSTR 3B of august, 17. It was corrected in GSTR 1.
My second problem is that,

  1. I reclaimed this IGST in GSTR 3B to balance my ITC in sept, 17. Is it genuine process or not? If not how can I claim IGST?
  2. In GSTR 9 table number 9, displayed CGST & SGST amount are correct but excess IGST amount shown. Con I erase IGST amount from GSTR 9 (9) table? How can I correct in GSTR9?

Please help me on this problem……. Thank you…………..

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