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All QuestionsCategory: GST ConsultancyGST on Government Trademark Fees
Profile photo of Alisha MehtaAlisha Mehta asked 3 years ago

GST on Government Trademark Fees

Is this GST applicable to Government fees for a new trademark application? We’ve not been charged any GST in the invoice. Only the fees. Is this under reverse charge? Or is this exempt?


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Profile photo of RAHUL  MORADIYACA RAHUL MORADIYA answered 3 years ago

GST is not applicable to government fee paid by you as trademark and for example rs.4500 paid to govt. than gst not laible to pay on rs.4500 and any above this amount charges as professional fees than GST is applicable on Processional fees. 

Profile photo of Alisha MehtaAlisha Mehta answered 3 years ago

 Where to show these trademark fees in GSTR 3B?

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