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Profile photo of nyamatali saiyadnyamatali saiyad asked 2 years ago

GST on government contractor

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

When Contactor gives road construction value to the government inclusive of all taxes and expenses. After the work has been done, the invoice made by the government but Does not show GST in the invoice.

My question is that, what is the GST calculation amount. Suppose that If the invoice amount is 100

1                      invoice amount of      100
                        SGST @6%                  6
                        CGST @6%                  6
Total                                                 112
2                      ASS value                   89.28
                        SGST                            5.36
                        CGST                            5.36
Invoice value                                   100

where should we show this supply in  3B & GSTR1 return? 

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