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All QuestionsGST Invoice No issued to customer is different from the GSTR1 Returns
Profile photo of Surya PrabhuSurya Prabhu asked 4 months ago

GST Invoice No issued to customer is different from the GSTR1 Returns

Dear Sir,
We are using a Tally for billing and invoicing to the customers, while returning the GSTR1 for every month the original invoice number issued to the customer is different from the filed GSTR1 Returns.
This is because, if any invoice number deleted or added in-between the Tally software, all the invoice number is changing in the tally for the whole month, and when filling the GSTR1 Returns, the invoice number is different from the one which is given to the customers.
And I’m unable to amend this , suppose a number 110 is assigned to the customer I Cannot change it to 111 as it is assigned to another customer and filed in the GSTR,
The customer is asking to change the invoice number filed in the GSTR to the number which is given to them.
Is there any solution for this ? Please kindly help it out regarding this.

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2 Answers
Profile photo of CA Venu Gopal GellaCA Venu Gopal Gella answered 4 months ago

you can customise tally to ensure when you insert or delete your numbers will not be changed

Profile photo of Rohit PatraRohit Patra answered 4 months ago

You have to go to the voucher settings. Then go to the sales voucher. and change the invoice customization details.