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Prasenjit Mandal asked 2 years ago

Gst Bill Format

I deals in Lac n Shellac which is rate is nil as per gst circular. So,I dont need GST registration,right? previously I use to raise Bill in simple fomat.Now should I have to change this format to Bill of supply?Is it necessary to mention 8digit HSN code?My supplyline is in inter state.HSN Code is 13011050.pls suggest.

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2 Answers
Profile photo of chandan varshneychandan varshney answered 2 years ago

hello prasenjit,
 u should required to registered und gst law, bill of supply is required to issue for exempt supply.

Profile photo of Prasenjit MandalPrasenjit Mandal answered 2 years ago

Hello Chandan,
  if I am dealing with only exempted good throughout India and I need to be register as suggested by you,then what is the meaning of gst law as per under sec 23 where it is clear that supplier of non taxable good/exempted good not liable for registration.
  Is there any hidden clause which we are not understanding?
Our product is Lac and Shellac.we supply it throughout allover India.our turnover is above 20lakhs.But this product in NIL tax rated as per GST Council. our HSN code is 13011050.
   Pls clarify sir..