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Profile photo of Aman GuptaAman Gupta asked 2 years ago

GST Annual Return Clarification

I have reported the exess laibility in 3B of March 18 by Rs 10000 and paid the taxes by using ITC, and adjusted 3B of April 18 by showing the less liability of Rs 10000 as per Circular 26 CGST issued by GST. GSTR 1 of both the months filed with correct data.
Now in Annual return total of Table 4 shown the less liability of Rs 10000 which is as per GSTR 1 or Books and in table 9 tax paid is showing excess amount in column “tax paid through ITC” by Rs 10000 which is auto populated  from GSTR 3B.
I beleive Excess liability of Rs 10000 should be shown in table 4 and liability of Rs 10000 should be reduced by showing in table 11, what should be done in table 14, will it accept -ve values ?    

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1 Answers
Profile photo of Consultease AdministratorConsultease Administrator answered 2 years ago

You can show the actual supply in table 4 and then in 9 excess payment will be there. i.e. tax paid will be higher than the tax payable. Table 14 should accept the negative figure. Ultimately it is the sum total of amendments, both negative or positive. Although I have checked in utility, it was not accepting the negative figure.