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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesExport to Nepal and Bhutan
Profile photo of Navin MishraNavin Mishra asked 4 years ago

Export to Nepal and Bhutan

Dear Mam,

I posted my questions but did not get any reply, thus I post again in good hope:

1) In case of export of goods & services with payment of IGST, in my export invoice if my goods price is Rs 100 and IGST is Rs 18, so what is the amount I ask my buyer out side India to transfer? Rs 100 or Rs 118?

2) “From Notification No. FEMA 14/2000-RB, dated 3rd May 2000, it is clear that payment in rupees from account situated in any country is a manner of receipt of foreign exchange.” So, if I receive money in Rs against providing services in Nepal & Bhutan, why it wont qualify as export of services? If not, then in which currency I should ask them to transfer?

3) In case of export of services how I will get export manifest report for applying for refund?

Navin Mishra

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1 Answers
Profile photo of Deepak Bholusaria, CADeepak Bholusaria, CA answered 4 years ago

a. 100
b. Rupee export to Nepal is export. Please read circular no. 5/2017 explaining position.
c. For export of services, FIRC/BRC is the right document to be submitted to authorities.