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All QuestionsCategory: GST Complianceserror in filling statement 3 of RFD 01A
Profile photo of NITESH VYASNITESH VYAS asked 1 year ago

error in filling statement 3 of RFD 01A

i am facing error in filling refund application RFD-01A , when i filled all the data and click to proceed the error showing that kindly verify if statement is submitted successfully , and thereafter i go for statement 3 and download the offline utility , the utility is not properly working, please provide the solution

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5 Answers
Profile photo of Sachin AgrahariSachin Agrahari answered 1 year ago

Dear Nitesh JI,
You will get an answer very soon, please clarify that whether you are filing Refund for SEZ Unit or an Exporter.
In case of any query you can call or whatsapp me on 8574566807.

Profile photo of NITESH VYASNITESH VYAS answered 1 year ago

Dear sir,
I am applying refund for an export firm and number of errors in statement 3 while opening of sheet , during filling and validation, please guide me

Profile photo of Sachin AgrahariSachin Agrahari answered 1 year ago

Dear Sir,
Please call or whatsapp on 8574566807 to brief the problem you are facing.

Profile photo of NAYANA MANDKENAYANA MANDKE answered 1 year ago

I am also facing the same problem. I put grievance also. But no reply from GST. Since last 3 weeks , St,3 A is not getting uploaded and therefore RFD 01 could not be filed. Refund is stuck up

Profile photo of SHIJOY JAMESCA SHIJOY JAMES answered 8 months ago

Statement Number 3 for uploading and shows an error  “Password Protected” . .
“The cell or chart that you are trying to change is proctected and therefore read only ” Please download the modified file and easily create the json file . This Excel file is unprotected for editing . The issues have been now resolved..
You can subscribe my Youtube Channel for more videos. The link also provided at the bottom for downloading the modified file.
Shijoy James
SGST Department Kozhikode, Kerala  
  This file is recreated for generating statement 3 for GST Export / Zero rated supply refund.  Kindly Recreated by clearing errors:  Shijoy James ASTO, SGST Department, Kozhikode, Kerala
Procedure for creating the JSON file.
1. Open the Excel File. Enter the GSTIN and Month and year for refund in the respective column. Month and year in mmyyyy format. For eg. if the refund applied month is August 2017, it should be entered as 082017.
2. Enter the data from Sl. No. 1 onwards. Sample data has bSeen entered here for your reference. Date should be entered in dd-mm-yyyy format. If your date format is different, please change it through Control Panel> Regional and Language> Date Format> British Date Format. The “Port Code”, “EGM Reference Number” etc should be entered in correct format. Select Goods or Service from the dropdown (G/S).
3. Click “Validate and Calculate” button. If any error shows in the extreme right  “Error” column, rectify the mistake.
4. Click “Create File to Upload” and select the directory of your PC to download the JSON file. Name may be like “ABCAugust.json” etc. Please RENAME the file extension of the JSON file created to JSO and Save as “All Files” For eg. “AbcAugust.json  to  “AbcAugust.jso”
5. The go online in GST CP, ( and login.
6. Goto Services> Refund  .. Select the application for the corresponding month for which statement created as JSO file.
7. Browse and upload the file. Click Back button after upload . Then verify whether it has been uploaded properly. The data will be auto filled from the uploaded JSO file.
Thanking you
Shijoy James