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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesError in filling RFD 01
Profile photo of NIKHIL ARORACA NIKHIL ARORA asked 6 months ago

Error in filling RFD 01

Error in filling RFD 01

Dear sir
While filling the RFD 01 and providing the required data and after saving the application the submit button did not appear and my application is still pending.
I am applying for the refund in the inverted duty structure case.
Kindly reply…

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1 Answers
Profile photo of Nitesh MathurNitesh Mathur answered 6 months ago

Hello Sir,

If u has done all the necessary things then I think u are facing the issue when u attached the pdf as proof in the end as many people are facing this kind of issue. If u not attached the pdf file in the end then u are able to submit the return. It’s my request to submit the RFD 01 without attaching pdf file then send the pdf file print to the department through proper letter highlighting this issue. If ur still facing any issue then u can contact me through emails here is my mail id:- U can also share the problem if ur facing any kind of issue in statement 03 while validating the file.
Thanks & Regards
Nitesh Mathur