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All QuestionsCategory: GST CompliancesComposition to normal scheme
Profile photo of NidhiNidhi asked 2 years ago

Composition to normal scheme

I had shifted from composition to normal scheme in GST on 1st april 2018. Whether i need to file gst itc-01 form for taking input credit. Is it compulsory?

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1 Answers
Profile photo of Sachin AgrahariSachin Agrahari answered 2 years ago

Dear Sir,
As per Rule 6 sub rule (3)  GST CMP 04 shall be filed before the withdrawal the scheme and as per Rule 6 sub rule (6) GST ITC- 01 may be filed containing the details of Stock .
The wording of Law itself says that GST ITC 01 is a optional for taxpayers for claiming the Input Credit Tax of Stock as on date.