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Rule 148 of the CGST Rules – Prohibition against bidding or purchase by officer

Rule 148 of the CGST Rules  – Prohibition against bidding or purchase by an officer

Rule 148 of the CGST Rules- “No officer or other person having any duty to perform in connection with any sale under the provisions of this Chapter shall, either directly or indirectly, bid for, acquire or attempt to acquire any interest in the property sold..”

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What is Rule 148 of the CGST Rules?

Rule 148 of the CGST Rule restricts any officer from taking part in the bidding. In the case of recovery, the officer has the right to sell the goods. But they cant bid for the goods sold for recovery. Probation is on officers and on other persons also. If they have to perform any function related to the bidding. Thus it restricts any bidding by any person associated with the bidding.

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Rule 148 of the CGST Rules

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