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All You Want to Know About E-way bill

All You Want to Know About E-way bill – A Complete Practical Guide

This PPT Covers All Aspects Regarding E-Way Bill, includes

i. Understanding New E-Way Bill System

  • Why, Who, When & How to Generate E-Way Bill
  • Forms & Documents under E-way bill.
  • Exempted for E-Way Bill – Cases when e-Way bill is not required
  • Movement Based – Person Based – Value-Based
  • Calculation of Consignment Value
  • Validity of e-Way Bill
  • Extension of Validity of E Way Bill
  • Acceptance or Rejection of E-way bill
  • Cancellation of E-Way Bill

ii. Practical Issues & Possible Solutions – Discussions on Various Types of Transaction

  • Sale of Goods
  • Sales Returns
  • Branch Transfer
  • Sending to the Customer on Approval Basis
  • Supply of Samples
  • Inward/Outward Transportation from an unregistered person
  • Sending the Goods on Job Work
  • etc ……. etc ………..

iii. Bulk E-Way Bill

iv. Consolidated E-Way Bill

v. E-way Bill for Export & Import

vi. E-Way Bill for SEZ / SEZ Developers

vii. E-Way Bill for EOU / STP / EHTP etc

viii. Physical check on the e-way bill – Enforcement cum Checking
ix. Consequences of non-conformance to E-way bill Rules.
Download the Ppt: GST-E-Waybill

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