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GST SAC Code For Real Estate Services


Rental or leasing services involving own or leased non-residential property 997212 18%
Rental or leasing services involving own or leased Residential property 997211 18%
Property Sales on a fee or commission basis or on a contract basis 997222 18%
Property Management Services on a fee or commission or on contract basis 997221 18%
Construction Services of a commercial building (After land deduction-1/3rd) 995414 12%
Land sales on a fee/commission basis or contract basis 997223 18%
Construction Service (Affordable housing) (After Land deduction 1/3rd 995411 1%
Construction Service ( Non-Affordable housing) (After land deduction 1/3rd 995411 5%
Construction Service ( Commercial in RREP) (After land deduction-1/3rd ) 995414 5%
Construction Service (Residential )(other than new scheme) (After land deduction-1/3rd ) 995411 12%
Construction Service (on going Affordable Residential project) specified in the notification(After land deduction-1/3rd ) 995411 8%


Section, Heading or Group Service Description
Group 99541 Construction services of buildings
995411 Construction services of single dwelling or multi-dwelling or multi-storied residential buildings
995412 Construction services of other residential buildings such as old age homes, homeless shelters, hostels, and the like
995413 Construction services of industrial buildings such as buildings used for production activities (used for assembly line activities), workshops, storage buildings, and other similar industrial buildings
995414 Construction services of commercial buildings such as office buildings, exhibition and marriage halls, malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, rail or road terminals, parking garages, petrol and service stations, theatres, and other similar buildings
995415 Construction services of other non-residential buildings such as educational institutions, hospitals, clinics including veterinary clinics, religious establishments, courts, prisons, museums, and other similar buildings
995416 Construction services of other buildings nowhere else classified
995419 Services involving repair, alterations, additions, replacements, renovation, maintenance, or remodeling of the buildings covered above


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GST SAC Code For Real Estate Services

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