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All about e-way bill portal

All about e-way bill portal

After applicability of the e-way bill, there are more problems regarding the generation and use of the e-way bill portal. So lets find out about the e-way bill portal by the presentation made by the CA Venugopal Gella on all about e-way bill portal.

Agenda for the power point presentation:


e-Way Bill
• Generation
• Modification
• Cancellation
• Rejection
• Acceptance

Utilities Utilities Utilities
• Json


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  • kamal poddar

    Assesee is registered in West bengal and Purchasing Goods from Mumbai and request the supplier to directly supply the goods to the Mumbai Port for further export by the Assessee. E way bill is generated by the Mumbai Supplier up to the place of port as a outward supply. My query is whether the assessee is further required to Generate the E way bill for export of goods to out of India.