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GST CMP-08 – Statement Cum Challan for Composition Taxpayers

Form GST CMP 08- Statement for payment of self-assessed tax for Composition Taxpayers

Vide notification no. 20/2019 – Central Tax dated 23rd April 2019, the Central Goods and Service Tax (Third Amendment) Rules, 2019 were introduced. With the said introduction, the return filing requirement of the Composition Scheme dealers was modified.

Further, vide notification no. 21/2019 – Central Tax dated 23rd April 2019, the special procedure to be followed by the Composition Scheme dealer for filing of the returns was laid down.

GST CMP-08: Understanding the position prior and post amendment –

Particulars Prior to amendment After amendment
Form of quarterly return Form GSTR-4 Form GST CMP-08
Due date Within 18 days of the month succeeding the quarter Within 18 days of the month succeeding the quarter
Additional requirement _ Form GSTR-4 every financial year within 30th April following the end of the financial year.

             In this we would understand the provisions attached with Form GST CMP-08 liable for composition dealers.

Form GST CMP-08

From April 2019, the Composition scheme dealer is required to file quarterly return in Form GST CMP-08. This is ‘Statement for payment of self-assessed tax’.

In Form GST CMP-08, the composition scheme dealer is required to provide the details / summary of self-assessed tax payable for the given quarter. The return also acts as a challan for making payment of tax.


Form GST CMP-08 is basically divided into 4 parts. These are 

Parts Particulars Comments
1 GSTIN Please enter Your GSTIN
2 Legal name; Trade name; ARN; Date of filing These details would be auto filed
3 Summary of self-assessed liability –


1.    Outward supplies

2.    Inward supplies attracting a reverse charge and import of services

3.    Tax payable

4.    Interest payable

5.    Tax and interest paid

This is the major part wherein details of outward supplies; inward supplies; tax payable and tax paid is to be provided
4 Verification _

Persons who are required to file Form GST CMP-08

Following categories of the persons are required to file quarterly return in Form GST CMP-08 –

  • The registered person paying tax under section 10 of the CGST Act; or
  • The registered person availing the benefit of notification no. 02/2019 – Central Tax (Rate) dated 7th March 2019.

Due date of filing of Form GST CMP-08 

The Composition scheme dealer is required to file return in Form GST CMP-08 within 18 days of the month succeeding the quarter. Thus, the due date would be as follows –

Quarter Due date
April to June (1st Quarter)   18th July
July to September (2nd Quarter) 18th October
October to December (3rd Quarter) 18th January
January to March (4th Quarter) 18th April

Please note, vide notification no. 34/2019 – Central Tax dated 18th July 2019, the due date for filing of the first newly introduced Form GST CMP-08, for the quarter April to June, 2019, has been extended from 18th July 2019 to 31st July 2019.

Consequence of non-filing of Form GST CMP-08

If the composition scheme dealer fails to furnish requisite return in Form GST CMP-08 within the prescribed due date, then, the dealer would be liable to pay penalty / late fee of INR 200 per day [INR 100 per day CGST + INR 100 per day SGST] from the due date of filing of return till actual date of filing of the return.

However, the maximum amount of penalty / late fee payable would be INR 5,000.

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