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Join our Free 15 Days Course On International Taxation And FEMA by Vinay Shraff Ji

About the course:

This course is intended to enable practicing professionals as well as senior and middle-level executives to apply International Taxation & Foreign Exchange Management Laws to inward and outward currents and capital account transactions in foreign currency.


It is free of Cost for Quarantine Period Only.

About the Course Creator:

Practicing as an arguing counsel at the Supreme Court of India, HighCourts, and Tribunals. Vinay Shraff practice as a counsel & advisor in the field of Indirect Taxation, International Taxation, FEMA, Foreign Trade Policy, Corporate insolvency Laws.

Every Day from 30th March 2020 to 13th April 2020 at 11:00 AM

Follow the below link to Register: – days – course – on – international – taxation – and – fema  

Sessions Heading  TOPICS 
Session 1  IT Act relevant to Intl. Tax. Provisions of Income-tax Act, 1961 relevant to International Tax in India & some basic concepts of International Taxation 
Session 2  Deciphering DTAA and Withholding Tax  TDS From Payments to Non-Residents – S.195 of Income-tax Act, 1961 & How to read a Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty.
Session 3 Fundamentals of DTAA 

Article 1–Persons Covered

Article 2–Taxes Covered

Article 3–General Definitions

Article 4-Concept of Residence

Session 4 Concept of PE and BP 

Article 5-Permanent Establishment 

Article 7-Business Profits

Session 5  Income from Capital, Borrowing & Property 

Article 6-Income from Immovable Properties

Article 13-Capital Gains

Article 22–Capital

Article 10-Dividend Article 11- Interest

Session 6  Income from Personal & Individual Services 

Article 14-Independent Personal Services Article 15-Dependent Personal Services

Article 16-Director’s Fees

Article  17-Artistes and Sportsmen 

Article 18-Pensions 

Article 19-Government service 

Article 20-Students 

Article 21-Other Income 

Session 7  Income from Royalties and Fees for Technical Services 

Article 12-Royalties and Fees for Technical Services

Session 8  Elimination of Double Taxation  

Article 23-Methods of Elimination of Double Taxation

Article 24- Non–Discrimination

Article 25-Mutual Agreement Procedure

Article 26-Exchange of Information

Article 27-Assistance in the collection of Taxes

Article 28-Members of Diplomatic missions and consular posts

Article 29-Territorial Extensions

Article 30-Entry into force

Article 31– Termination

Session 9  Transfer Pricing 

Article 9–Associated Enterprises  Introduction and Basics of Transfer Pricing International Transactions  Arm’s Length Price and its Computation  Documentation 

Session 10  Recent And Landmark Judicial Pronouncements 

 Discussion on some recent and landmark judicial pronouncements.

Session 11  Basics of FEMA 

Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange Management Act.

Session 12  FDI & Outbound Investment 

Inbound and outbound investment, FDI, etc.

Session 13  ECB & Lending 

 Borrowing and lending in foreign currency and Indian Rupees.

Session 14  Immovable Property, Deposit & Accounts 

Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property, Deposit, and Accounts.

Session 15  Direct and Indirect Tax regimes of some foreign countries 

Overview and discussion on direct and indirect tax regimes of some foreign countries.


The sequence of the topics may change depending upon the flow of discussion.

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Link to the webinar:

15 Days Course On International Taxation And FEMA

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