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Extension of curfew, on movement of Individuals (except for essential activities/services as already stipulated in DDMA Order No. 381 and 397) in the territory of NCT of Delhi, till 5AM on 17.05.2021: DDMA.


Whereas the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) is satisfied that the NCT of Delhi is threatened with the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has already been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and has considered it necessary to take effective measures to prevent bs spread in NCT of Delhi

2. And whereas, considering the unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases with high positivity rate and in order to break the transmission chain of COVID-19 virus, DDMA had imposed curfew and movement of individuals in the territory of NCT of Delhi with effect from 10:00 pm on 19.04.2021 (Monday) to 5:00 am on 26.04 2021 (Monday) vide Order No. 381 dated 19.04.2021, which has been extended to 05.00 am on 03.05.2021 (Monday) vide Order No. 397 dated 25.04.2021 and further extended til 06:00 am on 10.05.2021 (Monday) vide DDMA Order No. 407 dated 01.05.2021, as an emergency measure;

3. And whereas, the situation of COVID-19 in NCT of Delhi has again been reviewed and observed that COVID-19 positive cases, as well as positivity rate, is still very high and the bed occupancy (Oxygen supported/ ICU beds) in the dedicated COVID-19 Govemment & Private Hospitals/ Nursing Homes is also on the higher side, therefore, in order to contain the spread of the virus and to further break the transmission chain, curfew needs to be extended for another week in the territory of NCT of Delhi (except for essential activities/services) for overall wet being and safety of the people of NCT of Delhi.

4. Now, therefore, in the exercise of powers conferred under section 22 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, the undersigned in his capacity as Chairperson, State Executive Committee, DDMA, GNCTD, hereby directs to extend the curfew, on the movement of individuals (except for essential activities/services as already stipulated in DOMA Order No. 381 dated 19.04.2021 and Order No. 397 dated 25.04.2021) in the territory of NCT of Delhi, till 06:00 am on 17.05.2021 (Monday) or further orders whichever is earlier. As additional precautionary measures, the following activities shall further be prohibited/restricted during curfew:

(a) Delhi Metro services shall not function during curfew.

(b) There will be a complete prohibition on organizing any marriage ceremony at public places/marriage halls/banquet halls/hotels and similar places. The marriage may however be organized in Court or at home, in which not more than 20 people will be allowed to participate. The movement for the said purpose shall be allowed with the production of a soft or hard copy of the marriage card. The DJ. sound system, tentage, catering, or similar kinds of services will not be allowed for the marriage ceremony. Owners of the marriage halls, banquet halls, hotels, DJ. sound system, tentage. catering and other service providers will have to either return the advance amount paid by the customer for conducting the marriage ceremony during the curfew period or they will have to mutually agree to organize the marriage at a later date.

5. All District Magistrates, District DCPS, Deputy Commissioners of Municipal Corporations, Officers of NDMC and Delhi Cantonment Board, Vice Chairman, DAMB & Secretaries of APMCS, and all other authorities concerned shall be responsible for ensuring COVID Appropriate Behavior viz, wearing of a mask, maintaining social distancing, etc, in all Mandis, ISBTS, Railway platforms / Stations as well as at all shops which are providing essential goods & services during curfew such as grocery shops, medicine shops, fruits & vegetable shops, roadside vendors, etc. It should be ensured that the people who are visiting these places are strictly following COVID Appropriate Behavior and are wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, etc. without fail. It should also be ensured that no shops (of nonessential commodities or services) or weekly markets are functioning illegally within the jurisdiction of respective District Magistrates. All authorities concerned shall take strict action against the defaulting persons, shopkeepers, weekly marketers as per the applicable laws and rules.

6. Further, Police authorities shall ensure effective checking of movement of persons and vehicles by putting an adequate number of checking points/pickets with the objective to prevent unnecessary movement of people on roads during curfew. Delhi Police shall also ensure that movement of individuals and vehicles should be allowed strictly as per the guidelines/protocols prescribed in the curfew order.

7. Commissioner, Delhi Police, Pr. Secretary (Revenue), Pr. Secretary (H&FW), Pr. Secretary- cum- Commissioner (Transport), GNCTD and all District Magistrates of Delhi & their counterpart District Deputy Commissioners of Police, DCPS of Traffic Police, and all other authorities concerned are directed to ensure strict compliance of this order and to take all requisite actions for effective implementation of the extant directions of MHA, Govt. of India regarding Containment, Testing, and Surveillance, Clinical Management, Vaccination, Community Engagement, COVID Appropriate Behavior, etc. The authorities concerned shall adequately inform and sensitize the field functionaries about these instructions for strict compliance, in letter and spirit.

8. In case any person is found violating the aforesaid instructions, the defaulting person (s) shall be proceeded against as per the provisions of section 51 to 60 of Disaster Management Act, 2005, Section 188 of IPC, and other applicable laws.

9. E-pass possessed by a person for movement connected to essential goods and services during night/weekend curfew aforesaid curfew period shall remain valid during the curfew period.

Extension of curfew, on movement of Individuals (except for essential activities/services as already stipulated in DDMA Order No. 381 and 397) in the territory of NCT of Delhi, till 5AM on 17.05.2021: DDMA.

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