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Points to be Remembered in case of Company Incorporation

Points to be Remembered in case of Company Incorporation

Dear all members, some points to be remembered in case of Company Incorporation Assignments:-

1) While filling data online in spice+ Part A, fill all data very cautiously. Also if possible attach the main object(as approved by the client).

2) Every time, if possible, take a screenshot of Spice+ Part A, I.e. RUN.

3) If you proceed for payment and an amount has been deducted from your bank account and Spice+ Part A page get expired or forcefully logged out you, then don’t panic & after again logged in MCA may show you a message that challan or SRN is marked as unpaid then still don’t cancel your SRN.

4) Its an MCA error. Wait for 48hours. Your challans will be shown as paid after 48hrs. Also, advise clients that due to lockdown or system/technical error of MCA, a process of company incorporation may get delayed.

5) The same case with Spice+ Part B, Save your data at every stage. Then keep ready all docs.with you before filling Part B.

6) Give names to all attachments in small letters. Avoid capital letters, commas, space. Check the size of attachments before attaching it to Spice+ Part B. This will help you to avoid extra size reduction of attachments and duplication of work, after downloading of forms.

7) In the case of any company, now stamp paper & notary is not required at all. It is done away with.

8) In case PAN TAN not received then call to CRC to ask a 15 digit application number. Mention contact number & email id of the client very cautiously. Coz soft copy will be delivered to the client’s mail id.

9) In case if you are using Google Chrome for filling data in spice+ Part B, and forms are unable to download then don’t panic, use Internet Explorer or Mozilla firefox.

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10) Also at the time of starting your day always do following steps
clear temporary files %temp%

clear google/internet explorer/Mozilla firefox browser history

clear cache memory. The reason for this👆🏻 is there are lots of changes done by MCA. Due to such changes, MCA gets cluttered with old technical files. So we need to clear it.

11) At the end of part B don’t attach MOA and AOA to the site. It is only mandatory in some specific cases only. Like section 8 Co., producer Co, etc.

12) And please note that there will be 5 files that everyone needs to download and upload on mca In the following sequence only:-

1. Part B
3. AOA
5. INC-9

Thanks & Regards
CS Sagar V.Kulkarni,
PCS Nashik
CS Dilip Kumar Chaudhary
PCS Delhi

Profile photo of CS Sagar V.Kulkarni CS Sagar V.Kulkarni

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