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Major points of the (ICSI) webinar on DIR-3 KYC

Major points of the (ICSI) webinar on DIR-3 KYC

ICSI has organized the webinar on DIR-3 KYC and discussed the points to be taken care of while filling the Form DIR-3 KYC.

  1. OTP will be valid for 15 minutes
  2. Foreign citizens – the passport is mandatory, and attachment also mandatory, the permanent address should be abroad; 
  3. Aadhar mandatory for Indian citizens, 
  4. Not required to attach PAN for Indian citizens
  5. Personal Mobile no. and e-mail id should not be linked to any other director or certifying professional 
  6. Personal e-mail id should not be official e-mail id – it should be personal like gmail, yahoo etc. 
  7. Foreign citizens – mobile no. should be foreign
  8. Foreign citizens but resident in India – mobile no. can be Indian
  9. Foreign DSCs not allowed, only Indian DSCs. 
  10. Attestation of documents by practicing professional – mandatory
  11. In case of the change in address from the DIN records, first file form DIR-6 and then file form DIR-3-KYC
  12. Passport not mandatory for Indian citizens, but if you mention Yes to do you have your passport, then mandatory to give details and attach passport. 
  13. Attestation rules to be followed as specified in the companies (incorporation) rules
  14. Driving licence and EC Id – not mandatory, but if you specify the details, then you have to attach the documents.

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