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Monthly Archives: May 2019

GST on import of services

Introduction:GST on import of services In this article we have covered the GST on import of services. Import of services into India is taxable for the recipient. In GST the recipient importing services will be liable to pay GST on it in Reverse charge. Entry


1.COMPLICATIONS ATTACHED WITH GSTR-9 The GSTR-9 is a very complicated return and once I have described it as a “Round Square”. It is not a simple return and in most of the cases of GST procedures simplification is missing and further filing instructions are also

Clause by clause analysis of GSTR-9

Introduction: The purpose of this article is to provide comprehensive analysis of GSTR-9. It starts with discussion on basic legal provisions. Then it provides some “Important aspects of GSTR-9” . It further discusses the structure of GSTR-9 and then takes up clause by clause analysis.